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Adult affiliate money-making opportunities.
(The listing order of the opportunities depends on the results that I'm getting with each particular one. ) - I wrote about US in the mainstream section but don't be surprised that you see this sponsor here again. They are perfectly suitable for adult sites too. Don't miss! Check them here… - I'm working for them from only a couple months now, but this quickly starts getting one of my favorite adult affiliate services. Lot's of unique quality sites to promote and make money from including adult cartoons and games, hentai and Asian sites. Be sure to check them. uses various ways to pay it's webmasters, including Moneybookers and the virtual Visa card from
Am I making money with them - YES! Check them here… - well, this is a BIG PLAYER. The only reason they are on third place is that I started using them really soon compared to the other sites. But the positive results were not late. Yes, is an adult sponsor and there are hundreds of others. But ND manages to achieve something very important - to create adult sites that are not just a bunch of porn images and videos, but sites with a story behind each one of them. The result is lots of satisfied customers and an adult affiliate program that is highly effective for it's webmasters. The proof is that they pay the whopping $35 dollars for each sold membership. Just to mention some of their popular sites - Mikes Apartment, Cum Fiesta, Mike in Brazil etc. Really highly recommended.
Am I making money with them - YES! Check them here… - when we are talking about adult affiliate programs, we can't miss the penis enlargement universe of products. I personally think that increasing of penis size cannot be achieved with pills or something like that and all services that are claiming the opposite are scamming their customers. But offers a tool that might work - penis stretcher. Back to the old fashioned workout J You are offered the unique opportunity to get the exclusive $150 for each sale that you make! Well, I haven't started to use this service yet and I can't talk about results, but it is managed by the same people who are behind And if I know something about them, it is that they pay like clock. Test drive recommended!
Am I making money with them - Not yet but I'm planning to! Check them here...

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