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Mainstream affiliate money-making opportunities.
(The listing order of the opportunities depends on the results that I'm getting with each particular one. ) - Well, this is another Pay Per Click Search Engine that I'm really excited about at the present moment (check here if you haven't seen the PPC Search Engines explained section). This service really surprised me with the results that you can get. Your revenue share from search terms like "Party Poker" is sometimes more than a dollar! And it's not the only one. There are hundreds of search terms with average revshare more than $ 0.50. The team behind the is great and supportive and they take care that the webmasters who choose to work for them are satisfied. They have an advanced search script for their affiliates and you can integrate their search results seamlessly into your site. They use wire transfers to pay the participating webmasters. Highly recommended. If you choose only one affiliate program from the opportunities here, let this be I bet you'll be more than satisfied.
Am I making money with them - YES! Check them here… - I'll be surprised if you haven't heard about the affiliate program because it's really a unique system. With one single registration you can sell literally thousands of products. The system holds a patent for the concept. It's very suitable for webmasters who own sites based on lot's of different topics. It doesn't matter if you own a car-, employment-, software- or whatever related site - you'll find a suitable product to sell and earn 5-60% from the sale price.
Am I making money with them - YES! Check them here… - are you getting hundreds of spam mails offering you all kind of medicines? Well, if you happen to ask yourself why, the answer is rather simple. The online medication market is EMERGING! People are looking for cheap generic alternatives to brand names like Prozac, Viagra, Meridia, Celebrex etc and I think it's high time that you start thinking how to get a piece from this business. The nature of drugs is that you need them more than once. And once you make someone a satisfied client of yours, chances that he might buy again from you are very big. QualityGenerics is a service that looks very impressive and I'm planning to use in the near future. It gives you 25% from each sale and 25% from each repeat customer. Really impressive!
Am I making money with them - Not yet but I'm planning to! Check them here...

Feel free to check the adult affilate programs too (don't click this link unless you are 18+ y/o)

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